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    As the volume of waste that the UK produces is ever increasing and distributing recyclable waste is proving more difficult recycling is slowly proving a less + less impactful option. It is becoming more apparent that we need to be finding solutions to minimise waste and reusing materials that already exist, rather than producing new, single use materials. CURRENT STATE OF PACKAGING WASTE AND RECYCLING IN THE UK Recycling in
    We’re so excited to present our ‘Shop Independent Gift Guide 2019’! It’s that time of year again when you’re thinking about what to gift your friends + family this holiday season. As you know, here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes we love to support independent + local businesses. We truly believe that everyone should be more mindful when it comes to their Christmas shopping and should consider how this time
    It’s National Living Wage Week in the UK. A huge part of the sustainable fashion movement is to create more transparency: to make consumers aware of who made their clothes, under what conditions and for what rates of pay. As a living wage employer this is a cornerstone to everything we do here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes. As our contribution to National Living Wage Week we want to share
    It’s that time of year again – Fashion Revolution Week 2019 – where we join thousands of people including consumers, designers + brands across 90 countries worldwide to make positive pro-active changes + lessen the devastating environmental + social impact of the fashion industry. What is Fashion Revolution? A global movement to change the impact of the fashion industry. On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed.
    Ok this is a bit of an essay but there are so many aspects to the topic of becoming size inclusive it would be a dis-service not to be fully transparent and give space to the ‘difficult’ parts of the conversation. Realisation + apology I’ve been pretty vocal recently on my biggest mistake as a business owner but let’s get this in writing: up until this year I have been
    Recycling and specifically fabric recycling is super important in sustainable fashion and in the fashion industry as a whole. As we mentioned in our last blogpost one of the worst, most polluting aspects of fast fashion is the amount of waste the industry produces mostly, but not exclusively, in the form of ‘dead stock’. What is ‘dead stock’? A term used to describe merchandise that was never sold to or
    We recently asked the question: ‘What positive impact can we make as consumers in 2019?’ over on Instagram. It was so wonderful to hear such positive intentions and different takes on what sustainability means + your intentions for what your consumerism will look like in 2019. As promised today’s post is going to map out the impact our brand will be aiming to make as a producer within the fashion
    We love a good party wear style guide – but why should our models have all the fun? We had a great time shooting for last week’s party wear look book blogpost but with our Christmas do at the end of this week our team wanted to get in on the action! Each of our team members have picked their favourite item from the current Emperor’s collection + styled it
    Anyone else looking ahead to a diary full of ‘socials’, festive get togethers + events before we even get to Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Never fear we have a whole host of party outfit ideas to get you feeling + looking awesome! We had lots of fun shooting for this post. We headed to Brighton’s Photomatic – a definite if you’re visiting our fair town from afar or just
    We’re very excited to present our Shop Independent Christmas Gifts Guide for 2018! As you know we champion all things independent + handmade here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes. We’ve had so much fun compiling this year’s gift guide packed full of beautiful + useful gifts made with love from a host of amazingly talented UK independent designers + brands. To be honest it’s basically my Christmas wish-list (hint hint)…
    Here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes we love to shop small! Being an independent clothing brand ourselves, it’s something we proudly support and encourage. Many people don’t realise the benefits and importance of shopping independently, so we are going to highlight a few pointers which you may not have thought about: Boosting your local economy By spending your pennies at an independent retailer, you will be contributing to boosting the
    The sudden change in temperature means winter is officially approaching and it has got us yearning for cosy winter essentials like our velvet dungarees and heavy coats. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Zola Amour to present our sustainable fashion autumn lookbook for the season ahead. At The Emperor’s Old Clothes we love collaborating with other labels that share our ethos + love for the handmade. A fellow sustainable
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    Size Guide

    Below is our international size guide including bust, waist and hip measurements in inches & centimetres.We hope that this chart helps you find your perfect garment size with us.However, we are used to altering designs to fit customers who are in between sizes so if you have any specific requirements or need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch.
    4-6 32 2 32in 81.5cm 25in 63.5cm 35in 89cm
    6-8 34 4 34.5in 88cm 26.5in 67.5cm 36in 91.5cm
    10-12 36 6 36in 92cm 28in 71.5cm 38in 97cm
    12-14 38 8 40in 102cm 32in 81.5cm 42in 107cm
    14-16 40 10 44in 112cm 36.5in 93cm 47in 119.5cm
    18-20 46 14 50in 127cm 42in 106.5cm 52in 132cm
    22-24 50 18 56in 142cm 48in 122cm 58in 147cm
    26-28 56 22 62in 157.5cm 54in 137.5cm 64in 162.5cm
    30-32 62 26 68in 172.5cm 60in 152.5cm 70in 178cm

    We are in the process of extending our size range. This is quite a lengthy process for a small brand but it is something we are 100% committed to.If we don't currently go up or down to your size please get in touch with your measurements + we can create you your dream 'design your own' garment!

    Check out our guide to taking your own body measurements & our handy measuring kits

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