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We want to do business in fashion differently. Our small brand has grown a lot in the last year and we are at the point where we need financial help to sustainably take our brand to the next level…

BUT we don’t want to have to dilute what we bring to the sustainable fashion movement, be silenced on our socio-political beliefs or become purely profit-driven by getting involved with outside investors.

Instead we are inviting you, our loyal customers and followers to directly support the type of brand that you want to see more of.

We appreciate that many of you want to support our brand but don’t have the means / need to purchase our clothing on such a regular basis. This is an additional way for you to be part of the Emperor’s community and invest in our work.

Help us shape the direction of future sustainable fashion by joining this long-term crowd-funding project supporting our work so we can role-model the type of accessible, inclusive change this industry needs. Have a say in how we do things here at Emperor’s HQ, get inside access to what is happening behind the scenes + a be part of the change.


Your support will help us to further develop our size range, bring out new designs, source more vintage + deadstock fabrics + grow our team (to a certain point – we will absolutely be outlining this in detail over on Instagram @emperorscircle).

To join the Emperor’s Circle you are signing up to a small monthly direct debit (unlike our payment plans payments this would come out of your account automatically each month) and in return you will receive exclusive benefits detailed below.

Like all our projects we want to make joining the Emperor’s circle as financially accessible as possible so we have created different tiers to reflect people’s different economic circumstances. As ever this is done on a trust basis.


To help you maintain your Emperor’s clothing long-term Circle members will get the following services without any extra charges

Replacing broken fastenings
Changing fastenings to different types
Replacing broken zips
Fixing stitching wear + tear

*Please note we can only offer these repairs on one garment at a time

Yes! You will be instrumental in directing areas of the development of The Emperor’s Old Clothes from what content you want to see, to which new designs you’d like us to prioritise + more

We really value your input + we are so grateful for how much so many of you are already so emotionally invested in our brand. We want to deepen this relationship by creating an intimate space to discuss the direction of our work whilst giving you the power to influence our business decisions going forward.

We’re super excited to give you access to our new private @emperorscircle Instagram account where we’ll be keeping Circle members up to date with even more business transparency featuring:

Live Q + As / IGTVs with the team
Quarterly reporting – on most popular sizes, styles, fabric types + more
Early access to blog posts
Behind the scenes action with our team

To say a big thank you for your support Emperor’s Circle members will get access to our flash sale codes 24 hours before anyone else during these promotions!

Yes that means first access to snapping up your favourite fabrics at a discount when we do hold our flash sales 2-3 times a year.


To ensure as much financial accessibility as possible we have created three standard subscription
tiers each to reflect people’s different financial means.

All these tiers will have access to the same perks and services – we are relying on you to pick
the tier that matches your income/lifestyle

You love what we do + can afford to sign up to spend the price of a pizza each month supporting our work*
*depending on your choice of toppings!

$10 per month

You love what we do + can afford to sign up to spend the price of a coffee each month supporting our work

$3 per month

You love what we do + can afford to sign up to spend more than £3 a month to support our work

Pay what you feel


You are signing up to a monthly direct debit. The funds will be taken from your bank account on the same day/closest working day each month. There is no end date to your direct debit payments but you can terminate your subscription at any time.

You will gain access to the content and services above for the entirety of your subscription term. When you terminate your subscription you will lose access to the free services detailed above at the end of the calendar month of your final payment; you will also lose access to the @emperorscircle Instagram account.

If you have any questions or need any help with your subscription please contact us via email at