We are based at the following address:

Linkline House, 65 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2BD

Our studio occupies four floors: ground floor + basement, first floor rear + first floor front.

When entering the building there is an exterior door and an interior with a raised step. There are then seven stairs to reach the ground floor level.

In-studio fittings take place on the ground floor level. Once you have reached the ground floor at the top of these seven stairs everything is on one level and there are no more internal steps.

Our sewing rooms and office are located on the first floor rear and first floor front levels.

We have a back entrance to the studio with a pavement level entrance into narrow pathway (floor 68cm wide at it’s narrowest point) which leads into the back of the ground floor of the studio via 3 stairs and two steep concrete ramps. (Photos and more access information available on request).

Our sewing studios and office are accessible via a staircase of 14 stairs and then:

North sewing room and office – there are two internal steps up to

the room and then everything is on one level.

South sewing room – there is a further staircase of 7 stairs to reach this room.

If you would like any further information about our studio accessibility please get in touch via the contact form above.