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  • Emperor’s Team Style Guide: Party Wear

    We love a good party wear style guide – but why should our models have all the fun?

    We had a great time shooting for last week’s party wear look book blogpost but with our Christmas do at the end of this week our team wanted to get in on the action!

    Each of our team members have picked their favourite item from the current Emperor’s collection + styled it with items from their wardrobes ready to party.

    Who picked the best item + styled the best look? Inspired by last week’s look book we’ve each created a look that plays with pastels, brights + classic pieces.

    So without further ado let’s see how Team Emperor is stepping out in style this party season:

    Velvet + pastels = Cecily’s party outfit


    Cecily is the owner + designer behind The Emperor’s Old Clothes + she is wearing our ‘Pink Champagne’ velvet dungarees.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous soft velvet!

    I had my colours done earlier this year and this pink is in my palette.

    I chose to dress up the dungarees with some monochrome – a starry shirt + going out out boots.

    And a suitably big head-bow of course…

    Where would you wear it?

    I’d wear this outfit out for cocktails with friends – you’re more likely to find me switching out the heels for pumps and heading out to dinner though!

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To recognise + celebrate my achievements more in 2019

    Neon + gold = Louisa’s party outfit

    Louisa is one of our awesome seamstresses + she has chosen to style our ‘Neon Leopard’ pencil two-piece

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I really like bright colours and orange is my favourite colour at the moment.

    Also I love leopard print and the fact it was almost abstract in this two-piece fabric.

    I styled this outfit with glittery boots and tights to add a bit of sparkle.

    Where would you wear it?

    I would wear it out to a Christmas party with friends!

    Do you have any New Year Resolutions?

    Not so much a resolution rather than an intention to be nicer to myself and improve my self care!

    Brights + sequins = Carla’s party outfit

    Carla is currently taking part in our sewing traineeship programme. She has picked our ‘Pink Pebbles’ mini skirt

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    Because it was bright and it teamed well with the top and is a versatile piece. I like to wear bright stuff that stands out and it fit really well.

    Where would you wear it?

    I would wear it partying on a night out with the girls.

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To be more crafty!

    Silver + glam = Ella’s party outfit

    Ella is our wonderful marketing assistant – she has picked our ‘Silver Siren’ circle skirt

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I chose this circle skirt because I love how it shimmers + shines in the light.

    I love an off the shoulder top for an evening and these shoes are dressy but comfortable ready to dance the night away…

    The pouch gives it a pop of red to match my lipstick.

     Where would you wear it?

    To a Christmas disco – I’m dancefloor-ready

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To smash my degree!

    Glitter + sheepskin = Geneva’s party outfit

    Geneva is one of our talented seamstresses + makes most of our accessories. She’s picked the crop-top from our ‘Bronze Rose’ circle two-piece.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I liked the texture of the top and I thought the cropped style went well with the high waisted trousers.

    I chose to pair the fluffy scarf with the outfit as I really like the mix of metallics and jewel colours.  

    Where would you wear it?   

    A house party with friends.

    Velvet + classic cotton = Cressida’s party outfit

    Cress is our marketing intern. She has picked our ‘Baroque Beauty’ velvet culottes.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I chose the baroque beauty culottes because I love the classic colours and felt the velvet was very fitting for the festive season.

    I decided to wear my trusty white blouse tucked into the trousers with my chunky heels to make the look more dressy.

    Where would you wear it?  

    I’d wear this look to a Christmas dinner party with my family as the culottes have plenty of stretch in them so I can eat as much as possible.

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    My new year resolution is to be more confident in myself and the things I do in relation to my university degree.

    I also want to read more books!

    Who’s outfit are you loving the most? You can purchase most of the featured items in our online boutique or have fun designing your own with us!

    Make sure you get in there quick as the deadline for pre-Christmas shipping is Monday 17th December for our design your own service + Thursday 20th December for our ready to wear clothing + accessories!

    Let us know which outfit you liked best in the comments below or join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook

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