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  • Fashion Revolution Week 2019

    It’s that time of year again – Fashion Revolution Week 2019 – where we join thousands of people including consumers, designers + brands across 90 countries worldwide to make positive pro-active changes + lessen the devastating environmental + social impact of the fashion industry.

    What is Fashion Revolution?

    A global movement to change the impact of the fashion industry.

    On 24 April 2013, the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh collapsed. 1,138 people died and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. Thats when Fashion Revolution started.

    Your voice can change everything.

    Since Fashion Revolution started, people from all over the world have used their voice and their power to tell brands that things must change. And it’s working. The industry is starting to change. More brands are being open about where their clothes are made. More manufacturers are making their factories safer. More producers are being seen and heard.

    But the story is far from over. We are only just getting started. We can’t stop until every garment worker who makes the clothes we love is seen, heard, paid properly and working in safe conditions. Your voice does make a difference. We need to make this Fashion Revolution Week bigger and bolder than ever before. Ask brands #whomademyclothes?

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - Louisa made your clothes

    What are we doing for Fashion Revolution Week 2019?

    We have lots of exciting projects and events coming up over the next ten days.

    We’d love those of you local to Brighton / Sussex / London to join us:

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - Zola Amour Pop-Up

    Zola Amour & Friends Pop-Up

    18th-29th April | Open daily 10-6pm | 11 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG
    Launch party Thursday 18th April 6-8.30pm BOOK YOUR FREE TICKET

    Visit us for style that doesn’t cost the Earth! Along with some of our Brighton friends including:

    Brighton Lace
    Cocoon and Me
    Jennifer Hamley
    The Emperor’s Old Clothes
    Hummingbird Hawkmoth

    Come to our launch party to celebrate our first pop up in Brighton and with a complimentary drink. The first ten customers will also receive 20% off purchases. Due to the size of the space, we have limited tickets for this event on a first come basis.

    I will be working in the shop on Easter Monday (22nd April) so do pop in + say hi if you’re in town that day

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - Sister Society x Sew Fabulous Workshop

    Consumer Workshop – Sister Society x Sew Fabulous

    Wednesday 24th April | 6.30-9pm | My Hotel, Jubilee Street, Brighton
    Tickets £6 each BUY YOURS NOW (some low income tickets available – email info@sistersociety.co.uk)

    Sister Society + Sew Fabulous – Brighton’s only sewing social enterprise – have teamed up to host an evening ideas workshop around the 7 key points of Fashion Revolution’s Manifesto. Let’s look at our buying habits and our roles as consumers in 2019!

    We have teamed up with an amazing group of people who will be co-ordinating small group discussions around each of the manifesto’s key points (paraphrased here):

    1. Dignified work from conception to catwalk
    2. Fair & equal pay
    3. Gives people a voice
    4. Respects culture & heritage
    5. Inclusive & champions diversity
    6. Conserves & restores the environment
    7. Circular fashion – repaired, reused, recycled

    Attendees will have the opportunity to ask and answer questions to engage with each topic. At the end of the session there will be a whole room conversation lead by co-ordinators about the workshop findings with resource sheets to take away.

    Vivenie Mugunga – managing director Ryico (Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation) and social enterprise African Sewing Club
    Susie Deadman – Sew Fabulous
    Bee Nicholls – Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign
    Cecily Blondel – The Emperor’s Old Clothes
    Emily Evans – Zola Amour

    Both Sister Society & Sew Fabulous are not-for-profit organisations. All capital raised from ticket sales will go to covering event costs.

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - Revival Collective Panel

    ‘Why Fashion is a Feminist Issue’ Panel Discussion with Revival Collective

    Friday 26th April | 6.30-9pm | 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton BN1 1BG
    Tickets £5 each BUY YOURS NOW

    Revival Collective presents a special Fashion Revolution Week panel discussion… where we’ll be chatting to 4 amazing ethical fashion pioneers about why fashion is an issue for intersectional feminism.

    Panel will start at 7pm but please arrive before. Ticket prices include a donation to Labour Behind The Label

    Vivenie Mugunga managing director Ryico (Rwandan Youth Information Community Organisation) and social enterprise African Sewing Club
    Jessica McCleave designer and founder of ethical fashion brand ILK + ERNIE
    Christine Gent Fair Trade Expert for WFTO, Chair of the board of the People Tree Group and one of the founders of The FAIR Shop
    Cecily Blondel designer and founder of The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - The Good Fashion Show

    The Good Fashion Show

    Saturday 27th April | 7.30-9.30pm | St Peter’s Church, York Place BN1 4GU
    Tickets £7 each / £5 for students BUY YOURS NOW

    Join us for an evening celebration of brands that strive to do fashion differently, thinking more about the people and the processes behind the products we buy.

    ~ Live ‘Alteration Station’ with Alma’s Alterations
    ~ Stalls featuring brands such as Lucy & Yak, Finisterre, Know The Origin, Madia & Matilda, ILK + ERNIE, Pala Eyewear, The Emperor’s Old Clothes, Rag Trade Clothing, The FAIR Shop and more
    ~ *Clothes Swap* run by Brighthelm Centre
    ~ A chance to meet and hear from the founders of Brighton-born brands such as Little By Little Jewellery and RubyMoon Gym To Swim and award-winning Conscious Earthwear/ Ciel Green

    All profits go to support:
    Tearfund’s matched giving appeal to clean up Pakistan’s worst polluted slums.
    The LDY Team’s outreach trip to St Stephen’s Society recovery centre in Hong Kong.

    Fashion Revolution Week 2019 - Ethical Map Brighton

    The Ethical Fashion Map of Brighton

    Explore Brighton’s ethical fashion scene during Fashion Revolution Week with this collaborative trail curated by Revival Collective + beautifully illustrated by Keziah Furini

    Find us + take a peek at our studio at FLOCK BRIGHTON!

    DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY HERE or pick one up from us

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