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Tips for designing your Mix n Match garment


When we talk about mixing and matching fabrics we mean taking two or more different fabrics and using them for different pieces of the same garment. Contrast cuffs, bodice and skirt, dungaree bib and straps – these are just some of the options when it comes to mixing and matching on our different garment types.

floral mix n match two piece

We are going to explain the most important factors to consider and then we’ll be sharing our top tips for designing your own mix n match garment.

mix n match maxxie crop top



With a block colour fabric take the time to notice the shade and hue. It’s true that through a screen it can be difficult to get this exact information but we are always here to confirm with you what these are via direct Instagram messages @emperorsfabrics or via email
With patterns/prints notice the various colours within the design – you can pick those out to find a complimentary fabric match (or we can help!).

mix n match crop top yellow


We take photos and videos of every fabric we post @emperorsfabrics so take the time to look at the close-ups to see the textures in detail, we take a lot of care in photographing each fabric to get the best representation of it that we can.

Instagram screenshot of green herringbone linen


As the fabrics have to be sewn together this is the most important factor when it comes to garment structure, fit and drape. If you want a floaty sleeve on a mix n match teadress for example you want the bodice to be slightly heavier in fabric weight than the fabric you chose for the sleeve to get that floaty feel.




1. Take a look at a colour wheel.

Thinking about what colours compliment each other with a visual aid can really help you bring your dream garment to life!


2. You can mix n match fabric textures as much as you like, as long as the weights are similar enough to sit together well.

Equally going for different colours in the same texture can work really well too like in these luxurious primary colour dungarees.

Mix n match dungarees

3. Watch our fabric lives on Instagram.

Every Monday on our main Instagram @emperorscloth we have live streams showcasing the release fabrics for the following Tuesday release. We show off fabrics in detail and answer any questions you might have so it’s worth tuning in. Being around those conversations and seeing what others suggest will help your own inspiration bloom!

fabric live gif

4. Be aware of the weights of the fabrics you choose.

Similar weights are better – heavy and light weight can mix but only in certain ways eg. heavyweight bodice on a tea dress and lighter weight for sleeves and skirt. You can also request a video from us of fabrics together to show drape and how they sit together via email or @emperorsfabrics Instagram messages.

mix n match pinafore dress with bound pockets

5. Ask us for advice!

Book in a zoom call with us/message @emperorsfabrics – be as specific as you can – bring us example fabrics to show us either from our selection or from elsewhere.

alice at her desk in the office

6. Scroll down the bottom of the gallery / use our highlights on @emperorsfabrics.

Message us the fabric posts and we can send you a video or photo of how they look together. One of the best things about mix n match is we can use up our smaller fabric pieces, which we have plenty of as we work with deadstock and end of roll fabrics.


We hope that these tips and tricks will help you feel more confident in designing your dream mix n match Emperor’s garment, have fun with it! Always remember that we are only a message away to support you through your design journey.

dungaree mini with contrast bound pockets


Monday evening 5.30pm  – Fabric IG Live @emperorscloth where we give you a sneak peek of that week’s fabrics and answer your questions (you can catch a replay if you can’t tune in live)
Tuesday morning 8.45am – MyEmperors Loyalty club email goes out to mailing list members and they get the chance to reserve them before they go public
Tuesday 4pm – Any fabrics that weren’t reserved earlier in the day plus a few replacement fabrics for those that were are listed in our @emperorsfabrics gallery

Written by Maxxie, Marketing Assistant, edited by Cecily Blondel, Owner

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