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Fashion Revolution Week 2020 Quiz

Time to go old skool: grab yourself a pen + paper to note down your answers then see how well you did at the bottom of the post…


1 – What percentage of UK retailers believe that there is a chance their supply chains involve modern slavery?

A) 46%
B) 77%
C) 10%
D) 0%

2 – On average, what percentage of fabric and textile waste is produced in the overall supply chain of making clothes?

A) 24%
B) 5%
C) 35%
D) 16%

3 – Which fast-fashion giant is currently sitting on inventory of unsold stock worth £4 billion? (Business of Fashion)

A) Zara
B) Primark
C) Boohoo
D) H&M

4 – Approximately how long would it take for the world to recycle the amount of fast fashion that is produced in 48 hours?

A) 12 years
B) 18 Months
C) 6 Months
D) 5 years

5 – What is the current recycling rate of clothing in the UK?

A) 20%
B) 48%
C) 70%
D) 5%

6 – Most of these clothes aren’t actually being recycled in the UK though…
What is the main reason for this?

A) There is not enough space or resources to deal with the vast amount.
B) A lot of the clothes are not made from recyclable materials.
C) Clothes are being shipped to other countries and illegally dumped.
D) All of the above

7 – Currently, how many seasons are released by fast fashion brands annually?

A) 4
B) 12
C) 52
D) 24

8 – Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, fast fashion companies are forcing employees to go to work. How many workers are risking their lives at the ASOS warehouse in Barnsley?

A) 352
B) 4000
C) 1750
D) 860

9 – How many garment workers are there worldwide?

A) 5.6 million
B) 23 million
C) 40 million
D) 16.5 million

10 – Which major brands have cancelled orders and refused to pay garment workers for completed work?

B) Primark
C) Matalan
D) All of the above

11 – In the UK, what percentage of our donated clothing is sold in charity shops?

A) 10-20%
B) 35-45%
C) 40-50%
D) 55-65%

12 – Which country refused 3000 tonnes of un-recyclable textile waste from countries such as the UK, US and Canada?

A) Malaysia
B) India
C) Vietnam
D) Bangladesh

How did you do? Scroll down for answers!






1. B – 77%

2. C – 35%
Source: 2017 Pulse Report

3. D – H&M
Source: Business of Fashion

4. A – 12 years

5. C – 70%

6. D – All of the above

7. C – 52

8. B – 4000

9. C – 40 million

10. D – All of the above

11. A 10-20%

12. A – Malaysia


Even without a global pandemic, garment workers are amongst the most exploited in the world with little to no income, poor working conditions and minimal rights. With fashion giants cutting their factory orders and refusing to pay up, millions of people are losing their jobs without the support that they need.

Here are a list of associations and charities that you can donate to in order to support garment workers globally:

Labour Behind the Label
Fashion Revolution
Clean Clothes Campaign

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