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Our team all have very different tastes, and when we’re working hard to create your one-of-a-kind garments we enjoy listening to a variety of music, podcasts or audio books⁠ so that you can give what we’re listening to a go, we’ve created this blog with links to dance or get educated with us!

Week 1 – 9th March
🎧 Cecily has been listening to the Business of Fashion podcast episode ‘Racism and Inequality are Stitched into the Garments We Wear‘.⁠

Screenshot of the Business of Fashion podcast episode 'Racism and Inequality are Stitched into the Garments We Wear' with a lilac background






🎧 Ella has been singing along to the ‘All Out 80’s‘ playlist on Spotify. ⁠

Screenshot of a playlist on Spotify called 'All Out 80s' with a pink background.






🎧 Lucy has been listening to The MSG Pod, a podcast exploring food, cooking and what it means to be a 2nd Generation immigrant in the UK today. ⁠

Screenshot of a podcast on Spotify called 'The MSG Podcast' - this episode is called 'Myanmar Protester'






🎧 Alice has been listening to her very own calming playlist whilst dealing with your customer service queries!⁠

Screenshot of Alice's personal playlist on YouTube that she listens to when dealing with customer queries






🎧 If you’re into celebrity auto-biographies then Louisa has been gripped by the Celebrity Book Club podcast on Spotify. This is also a firm favourite of Ella!⁠

Screenshot of a podcast on Spotify called 'Celebrity Book Club' on a lime green background.






🎧 Nathalie has been loving listening to Van Morrison, amongst lots of others whilst wrapping your parcels.⁠

Screenshot of a playlist called 'This is Van Morrison'.






🎧 Camilla has been intrigued by Katie Hims – Listening to the Dead on BBC Sounds!

A screenshot of a series called 'Katie Hims - Listening to the Dead' on BBC Sounds.

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